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    Available in Single, King Single, Double and Queen

    Please note: colour of material used in production could vary from what is pictured. 

    Please allow up to 20 working days for delivery into supplier, then delivery to customer. Made to order for hygiene reasons

    New Smartcell technology which provides several key advantages:
    1) Comfort That’s No Comparison – 15% lower peak pressure*
    2) Better Support – 26% more support than Duracoil innersping*

    3) Minimal Motion Transfer – Low partner disturbance
    4) Recyclable Mattress Solution – End of life mattresses can be returned to be recycled into new product solutions like carpet underlay.

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, then pressure mapping from a sleep laboratory is worth…. a lot. When it comes to pressure mapping there are two things you want to see:
    1. The first being a full body shape. Simply put, the more of the body you can see in the map, the greater the area that is being supported.
    2. Minimisation of peak pressure points, particularly areas that rapidly between low and high pressure values.

    Dare to Compare – SmartCell vs Duracoil
    We took a Duracoil and a SmartCell mattress to the lab and pressure mapped a side sleeper and a back sleeper, the results were nothing less than staggering.

    What you’re seeing is:
    26%* more support and 15% lower peak pressure.The SmartCell mattress supports more of the sleeper, with far fewer pressure points and a far less aggressive transition between high and low pressure areas.



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