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    Panasonic 380L Bottom Freezer Fridge

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    SKU: KTC-PAN-422-B.

    Available in Silver and Black

    Please Note: ETA of stock arriving to NZ is Early March. Delivery will be made shortly after this date. 

    Panasonic refrigerators support healthy lifestyles to create fresh moments every day. Prime Fresh -3ºC soft freezing keeps food fresh, nutritious and makes cooking preparation easy as no defrosting is needed

    • Capacity: 380L (AS/NZS 4474.1:2007 Gross)
    • Height: 1680mm, Width 686mm, Depth 695mm, Weight 65kg
      * Please check the minimum space requirements for installation
    • Door Material: Steel
    • Colour: Black / Stainless
    • Prime Fresh+ keeps meat and fish fresh longer without defrosting.
    • Ag Clean deactivates bacteria and suppresses odors in the refrigerator.
    • ECONAVI saves energy with three types of sensors.
    • INVERTER adjusts power via flexible control of the compressor.
    • KTC-PAN-422-B, KTC-PAN-422-S

    Faster Soft Freezing Keeps Food Fresh with Prime Fresh+
    Prime Fresh freezes meat and fish lightly at approx. -3°C.
    Food soft frozen in this way retains freshness for about 7 days*² without the need to defrost.
    Select the Prime Fresh+ mode to soft freeze food about four times faster.*¹

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    Anti-bacterial Effect
    The silver ions deactivate 99.9%*³ of bacterial growth on the Ag filter and remove unpleasant odors.

    Moisture Retained for Vegetable Storage
    The 90%* humidity and constant temperature provides the ideal conditions to store and keep fruits and vegetables fresh and crisp longer.
    * Data prepared by Panasonic.

    Save Energy Intelligently
    Three kinds of ECONAVI sensors monitor daily refrigerator usage. The Inverter compressor optimizes cooling performance to reduce energy consumption.



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