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    Panasonic TMAX15 300W Party Speaker


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    SKU: AUD-PNA-TM15.

    Looking for a compact yet powerful audio system to liven up your home party with friends? Look no further! This system is just what you need. The TMAX15 not only delivers impressive sound quality with a sleek design, but also offers illumination lights, allowing you to set the ideal atmosphere. With Bluetooth, USB, and Guitar Input, you can enjoy a diverse selection of music with your friends together.

    Massive Sound
    TMAX15 is a high-power audio system designed stylish for modern life, delivering powerful, quality sound. It brings a new level of excitement to gatherings like never before, making them more enjoyable and memorable.

    Take Your Sound to the Next Level

    The systems pack the punch of double woofer, double tweeter and bass reflex ports for vivid sound quality across all frequencies. Experience a well-balanced sound from deep bass to crystal clear vocals with high notes, from just one setup.

    Share the joy of making music!
    Plug in your microphone into the mic jack and have karaoke nights with friends or connect your guitar to the guitar jack and use the TMAX as a guitar amp to have awesome jam sessions.

    Easy-to-grip Handle for Carrying

    A convenient handle is incorporated into the system. It Is very useful for moving it to the garden or balcony for parties where friends and family gather.

    Simple, Intuitive Operation
    The number of operation buttons was kept to a minimum and the button layout was designed so that anyone can operate it intuitively. Basic operations such as media playback, device connection, and volume adjustment can be easily performed without hesitation.

    • Size and Weight: – Height: 550mm, Width: 280mm, Depth: 310mm, Weight: 9kg
    • Colour: Black
    • Amp Type: Digital Amp (Stereo)
    • Playback Disc: Playability may vary depending on the contents, discs and quality of the recording.
    • USB Port: USB (Play & Charge(1A))
    • USB Standard: USB 2.0 full speed
    • Support Format: MP3
    • Playback: Yes (Only a USB flash drive. Playback is not possible from a portable device (Apple, Android, etc.) using a USB extension cable).
    • Illumination: Multi-colour Speaker Illumination (7 colour)
    • Flash Light: Yes
    • Karaoke: Yes (Echo Level Setting)
    • USB Port: x1
    • Audio IN: AUX (3.5mm) x1 / Opt-in (Square type) x1
    • Audio OUT: x1 (3.5mm)
    • Guitar IN: x1 (6.3mm)
    • Mic Jack: x1 (6.3mm)
    • Power Supply (AC): AC 110 – 240 V, 50H/60Hz
    • Display Type: UNION Jack (White colour)
    • AC Cord: Yes
    • AV Cable: Optical Cable (1.5m)
    • Operating Instruction: Yes
    • Portable: No
    • MyHome SKU: AUD-PNA-TM15

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