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    Panasonic 9.5kg Top Loader


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    SKU: LDY-PAN-T9.

    Easily save time on pre-care and handwashing, no matter the type of stain and wherever they came from. The StainMaster simply breaks down a variety of stains on fabrics with a scrub wash effect.

    Dimensions (W x D x H)600 x 672 x 1,069 mm

    Active Scrubbing with Strong Water Flow

    The Active Wave Pulsator with 8-wing design creates a powerful vertical water flow for washing with a scrubbing effect. Clothes are repeatedly moved in a scrubbing motion, removing tough stains effectively.

    Fine Foam to Lift Stains Easily

    The ActiveFoam System creates fine, dense foam that penetrates deep into fabric to thoroughly remove dirt and ensure cleaner results.

    Everyday Washing Made Easy

    Even washing big loads of laundry can feel less of a chore, making every wash almost effortless. The Panasonic Top Load Washing Machine is designed with a wide opening which makes it easier to load/unload your family’s pile of laundry.

    Easy to Load / Unload

    Wider Tub Opening: Wide opening makes it easy to load/unload even large items.

    Easy to Reach

    Lower Front Height: It’s easy to reach the bottom of the tub and take out washed items, even if you aren’t tall.

    Easy to Read / Easy to Operate

    Rear Control Panel: The control panel is at the rear so the buttons can be easily read and operated without looking down.

    • StainMaster function
    • Double Inlet, Hot & Cold
    • 6 wash Programs
    • LDY-PAN-T9

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