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    Panasonic 377L Bottom Freezer Fridge – Stainless


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    SKU: KCH-PNA-377S.

    Panasonic refrigerators support healthy lifestyles to create fresh moments every day. Prime Fresh -3ºC soft freezing keeps food fresh, nutritious and makes cooking preparation easy as no defrosting is needed.

    Faster Soft Freezing Keeps Food Fresh with Prime Fresh+
    Prime Fresh freezes meat and fish lightly at approx. -3°C. Food soft frozen in this way retains freshness for about 7 days without the need to defrost. Select the Prime Fresh+ mode to soft freeze food about four times faster.

    Cook Healthy Meals Every Day with Prime Fresh+

    • Keeps Freshness Longer: Prime Fresh uses an approx.  -3°C airflow to softly freeze and keep food fresh without freezing.
    • Retains Nutrients: Prime Fresh seals the nutrients and flavours of meat and fish, rejoice the great taste of nutrients in every bite.
    • Easy to Cut: Prime Fresh soft freezes food so that each ingredient is ready to cut without any need for defrosting.
    • Easy to Separate: Food soft frozen can be easily separated to use and eat piece by piece.
    • Easy to Scoop: You can easily scoop out just the desired amount of soft frozen cooked food.
    • Faster Seasoning: Seasoned food stored at approx.  -3°C opens gaps between cells to let in flavours quicker.


    Easily Get Water Without Opening the Door:
    Enjoy a glass of cool, crisp water from the water dispenser without ever opening the door.

    Water Tank:
    The large 3-liter water tank is molded from BPA-free plastic and equipped with a carbon filter.

    Save Energy Intelligently:

    Three kinds of ECONAVI sensors monitor daily refrigerator usage. The Inverter compressor optimizes cooling performance to reduce energy consumption.

    3 Kinds of Intelligent ECONAVI Sensors:

    • Door Sensor: The frequency of refrigerator use differs according to workstyle, family size and many other factors. The door sensor detects frequency of fridge and freezer doors open and close.
    • Room Temperature Sensor: The room temperature sensor detects the ambient temperature around the fridge every day.
    • Internal Temperature Sensor: The internal temperature sensors detect the temperature inside each fridge, freezer, and Prime Fresh compartment for better optimization.
    • Size and Weight: Height 1680mm, Width 686mm, Depth 695mm, Weight 66kg
    • Product Dimensions (WxDxH)686 x 695 x 1680 mm
    • Rated Capacity: 377 L (AS/NZS IEC 62552-3)
    • Door Material: Steel
    • Colour: Stainless / Black
    • Defrost Type: Electric PCB Control
    • Energy Consumption: 299 kWh per year
    • Net Weight: 66 kg
    • Gross Weight: 73 kg
    • Voltage: 220-240 V
    • Hertz: 50 Hz
    • Number of Doors: 2
    • Door Colour: Stainless
    • Door Material: Steel
    • Control Panel: Yes (Inside of fridge compartment/ Button)
    • MyHome SKU: KCH-PNA-377S

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