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    Panasonic 10KG Heat Pump Sensor Dryer


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    SKU: LDY-DYR-H10.

    Gentle Care for Every Wardrobe

    From delicate clothes to daily essentials, Heat Pump technology provides gentle drying at low temperatures to ensure longer-lasting garments while maintaining hygiene for your family.

    Optimal Drying, Sustainable Care

    Heat Pump technology uses refrigerant to generate heat instead of electricity. It recycles warm air within the drum, recirculating dry air to effectively remove moisture from clothes. This contributes in saving energy and ensuring a gentler drying process.

    Smarter Drying, More Savings

    Experience efficiency of sustainable Heat Pump technology. Built-in intelligent humidity and temperature sensors automatically adjust to your laundry’s needs, optimising drying time for energy savings and superior fabric care.

    Protects Delicates with Gentle Dry

    Prevents shrinkage on your precious garments with gentle, low temperature drying at approximately 65°C. This ensures your most cherished items remain in great condition, wear after wear.

    Reduces Mites & Eliminates 99.99% Bacteria

    Drying at approximately 70°C to reduce mites and eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, keeping your family’s laundry safe while maintaining them in optimal condition.


    Everyday Drying Convenience


    Less Wrinkles for Easy Ironing

    Saves time and effort with less ironing needs. The Easy Iron mode reduces wrinkles, keeping clothes ready to wear for busy schedules.

    Quick Dry

    Quickly dry the clothes you urgently need, such as working attire or uniforms, to have them ready to wear in just 35 minutes. 

    Delicate Care for Special Items

    Dries items that are prone to losing shape with a special drying rack for delicate items, protecting them from damage, pilling, and shrinkage.

    Easy Lint Filter Cleaning

    Regular cleaning prevents lint buildup. The 2-layered mesh lint filter efficiently traps lint and dirt and is easy to clean, contributing to cleaner clothes and enhanced overall drying performance.



    • Product Dimensions: Height: 841mm, Width: 598mm, Depth: 654mm, Weight: 50kg
    • Drying Capacity: 10kg
    • Drying system: Heat pump
    • Power Plug: A3
    • Power: 750W
    • Max. Drying Temp: 72⁰C
    • Motor System: AC
    • Compressor: AC
    • Cord Length (m): 1.5
    • Body Colour: White
    • Door Ring: Black Plastic
    • Humidity Sensor: Yes
    • Defect Sensor: Yes
    • Thermal protection: Yes
    • Child Lock: Yes
    • Reverse Tumble: Yes
    • Control Type: Electronic
    • Button Type: Touch
    • Languages of control panel: English
    • LED: White
    • Number of programs: 12



    • MyHome SKU: LDY-DYR-H10



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