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    Panasonic 10kg Front Load Washing Machine


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    SKU: LDY-P23-F10.

    A smart washer for total hygiene care, auto tub clean and rapid drying mode for small laundry loads. Start the laundry anytime, anywhere with the Panasonic SmartApp+. Plus with our AI smart technology, the AI intelligent sensors will automatically detect laundry load size & weight and adjust washing performance for the optimum results.

    • Wash Capacity: 10kg
    • Hybrid Dry Lite – assist drying in various situations
    • Hygienic Drying – eliminates 99%* bacteria at low temperature
    • Total Hygiene Care – from cold wash, hot wash, drying & auto tub care
    • AI Smart Wash – intelligently detects your laundry to maximise wash performance, optimise consumptions
    • Smart laundry experience with Panasonic SmartApp+
    • Height: 845mm, Width: 596mm, Depth: 645.7mm, Weight: 69kg
    • Drum Dimension (Diameter x Depth) mm: 525 x 330
    • Door Inlet Diameter (mm): 310
    • Net weight (kg): 69
    • Voltage: 220-240V
    • Frequency: 50Hz
    • Body Colour: White
    • Control Panel: Slide touch/Touch toggle switch
    • LED Screen: White/Amber
    • Spin Speed (max.): 1400Washing Machine with Hygiene Dry Assist

    Our new and innovative washing machine can assist you in drying your laundry even without a dryer. Natural air is drawn through the door vents by drum rotation and heated with a 300w heater to maintain an internal temperature of approximately 55°C to assist in drying your laundry whenever you need it.

    Improves Hygiene in Your Everyday Laundry: Keeps your clothes clean and hygienic with innovative bacteria elimination technologies from washing to drying. Plus, with our latest tub cleaning modes, you can easily keep your tub clean from mould, detergent and residues.

    Hygienic Drying with Bacteria Elimination: Eliminates 99%* of bacteria by keeping laundry temperature at approximately 55°C during drying to provide utmost protection to your family while keeping your clothes in their optimal condition. *As certified by the Institute of Biotechnology (Vietnam/No: 050522/VCCM). Bacteria Elimination rate: 99% Escherichia coli. Test conditions apply.

    Removes Allergens & Mites with Hot Wash: StainMaster+ technology effectively eliminates various stains, allergens, mites and 99.99%* bacteria on fabrics with the ideal water temperature of 40ºC to 90ºC hot wash.

    Keeps the Tub Clean After Every Wash

    Just Enough Drying, Just in Time: Hang-drying clothes outdoor may expose our clothes to unseen pollutants or pollen, while unforeseen weather can prevent our clothes from drying properly. Dry Assist helps to dry your clothes and removes musty odours caused by dampness when you need it urgently under any weather condition.

    Care for Your Wellbeing: At Panasonic, we believe that keeping your everyday wear clean and hygienic contributes to better wellbeing. Panasonic’s CARE+ Edition is designed with technologies that care for you and your family while simplifying your everyday laundry.

    Eliminates 99.99%*¹ Bacteria with Cold Wash
    Blue Ag+ technology eliminates bacteria and provides a powerful anti-bacterial effect with UV light and Ag ions during the regular wash cycle without hot water*².
    *1 As certified by the Institute of Biotechnology (Vietnam/No: 050522/VCCM). Bacteria Elimination rate: 99.99% Escherichia coli 99.99% Staphylococcus aureus. Test conditions apply.

    *2 Effective for loads up to 3kg.

    MyHome SKU: LDY-P23-F10


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