• MR-CX370EJ-W

    Mitsubishi 328L CX Multidrawer Fridge – White


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    SKU: KCH-MTS-328W.

    Refrigeration Compartment

    LED Lighting

    The energy efficient LED light will illuminate your refrigerator up to 50 times longer than an average refrigerator light bulb.

    Two-Way Flexi Shelf

    The Two-Way Glass Flexi Shelf enables you to maximise your storage options by creating additional space when you need it.

    Tempered Glass Shelves

    Built to hold up to 100kgs, the Tempered Glass Shelves are also practical, easy to clean and adjustable to allow customisation.

    Sliding Chilled Case

    The Sliding Chilled Cases are perfect for dairy products, meats, or chilling drinks. Two separate cases provide flexible storage options for longer lasting freshness.

    Multi Airflow Cooling System

    Cold air is distributed from the back to both sides and the front; cooling each compartment quickly and uniformly. Even door pockets are quickly cooled, with air circulating through the gaps in the bottom of each door pocket.

    Inverter Technology for 33% More Power Savings

    The Mitsubishi Electric CX Series is 33% more efficient in comparison to the previous non-inverter model. Equipped with an advanced inverter compressor with Mitsubishi Electric’s Neuro Fuzzy Logic Technology, the CX Series achieves an impressive 3.5 Star Energy Rating. The CX is able to memorise your usage patterns and adapt energy usage for more savings.


    Non-Plumbed Automatic Ice Maker

    Removable Water Tank

    The water tank is easily removed, cleaned, and refilled at the kitchen sink without the hassle and additional cost of plumbing the refrigerator into the water supply.

    Easy Clean System

    The water supply system for the Non-Plumbed Automatic Ice Maker is easy to clean; removable water tank components just need to be flushed periodically with water to maintain optimum performance.


    Humidity Drawer with Vitalight Technology

    Slow down the wilting process of leafy greens and maintain their original vitamin and antioxidant levels with the unique Vitalight Amber LED Lighting System. Fruit and vegetables stored in this specifically designed Humidity Drawer with its integrated Vitalight Amber LED System will last significantly longer in comparison to conventional vegetable crisper bins.


    Freezer Drawer

    The Freezer Drawer is divided by a sliding tray at the top that can be pushed back to reveal the rest of the drawer. The Freezer Drawer is roomy enough to fit bulky items such as ice cream tubs, loaves of bread, and frozen vegetables. The top tray is ideal for storage and organisation of flat pack items such as meat packs.



    • Product Dimensions (WxDxH): 600mm x 660mm x 1698mm
    • Cooling System: Multi Airflow
    • Deodorizer: Filter
    • Door Alarm: Yes
    • Fridge – Two-way Flexishelf: Yes
    • Fridge – Tempered Glass Shelf: Yes
    • Fridge – Sliding Chilled Case: Yes
    • Fridge – Egg Rack: 1
    • Fridge – Bottle Pocket: Yes
    • Fridge – Light: LED Light
    • Frost Free: Yes
    • Freezer Drawer – Case Upper: Yes
    • Freezer Drawer – Case Lower: Yes
    • Freezer Drawer – Automatic Ice Maker: Yes
    • Freezer Drawer – Ice Box: Yes


    • MyHome SKU: KCH-MTS-328W



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