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    Hisense 8KG Heat Pump Dryer


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    SKU: KCH-HIS-D08.

    High-tech odour elimination: Ion Refresh.

    This advanced technology utilises negatively charged ions penetrate deep into clothes to easily remove odours from the clothes keeping them feeling and smelling fresh. Perfect for clothes that have been sitting in a closet for a long time and need a quick refresh before wearing.

    Connect ​intelligently for effortless Laundry​: Smart Link. 

    The Hisense washing machine sends the current washing program to the eligible Hisense dryer, which in turn allows the dryer to intelligently choose the correct drying program to match, saving time and negate any need for manual programming.

    Great results in less time: Quick Dry 30′. 

    Hisense ‘s Quick Dry 30’ is a drying program that saves you both time and energy. When you only have a small number of items to dry, experience the same great drying performance within just 30 minutes, allowing you get out of the laundry faster and back to what’s important!

    Enjoy outstanding efficiency​: Super Energy Efficient. 

    Thanks to constant improvements in energy efficiency and ultising industry leading Heat Pump technology, experience all the benefits of a modern dryer whilst using significantly less energy. This means lower electricity bills, and a step toward helping the environment.

    Efficiency Tracking Made Simple​: Energy Monitoring. 

    Monitor your energy usage with a tap of a button. See how much electricity you’ve used per week, month and even year, and check estimated costs for those periods​.

    Have it your way: Reversible Door. 

    Whether you want to stack your Dryer on top of your compatible Hisense Washer, or place it side by side, have it your way with a reversible door to maintain not only a great aesthetic but better accessibility in all configurations.

    Perfectly dry, every time: Auto Dry.

    With built-in high-precision sensors that continuously monitor residual moisture and temperature, Auto Dry automatically adjusts drying times to save time and energy while avoiding damage to clothing.

    For an ​allergy-free laundry: Allergy Care Function. 

    Protect your skin with the Allergy Care function which uses the power of hot air and a longer drying cycle to effectively remove allergens, thus minimizing skin irritation from your clothes, making them safe and pleasant to wear. 

    No creases​. No worries​: Anti Crease Option. 

    Minimise the need for ironing after washing. Once drying is complete, the dryer will tumble the clothing intermittently every 5 minutes until retrieved, effectively preventing clothes from staying in the same position too long, preventing wrinkles. 

    A gentle dry for precious items: Flex Rack. 

    A flexible drying rack lets you utilise your drying space freely. Shoes, plush toys, and clothes made of delicate fabrics can be placed on the FlexRack and gently dried without having to tumble around the drum.



    • Product Dimensions (WxDxH): 595 X 640 X 845mm
    • Colour: White
    • Number of Programs: 14
    • MyHome SKU: KCH-HIS-D08

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