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    Haier 7.5KG Front Loader


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    SKU: LDY-HAI-75F.

    Specialised care for your fabrics

    With a range of tailored wash cycles to look after different fabrics, this front loader includes cycles specially created for Delicate materials, Synthetics and Wool, to help keep your clothes in great condition.

    Refresh and renew.

    Help to keep your clothes and linens smooth and fresh with our convenient Refresh cycle. Ideal for lightly worn clothes or stored items, this cycle uses steam to quickly and gently reduce odours and creases using minimal water and energy.

    Eco wash

    Designed to lower the wash temperature and energy used on your cycle, the Eco wash option helps you get the laundry done with less impact on the environment.

    Clean hygienically

    Washing at a higher temperature to sanitise fabrics, the Hygiene wash cycle helps to ensure an effective clean.

    Convenient laundry options

    Save time with the Express 15 wash cycle for last-minute laundry or lightly soiled clothes. Or use the Delay function for up to 12 hours to time your wash cycle to finish at an ideal time.

    Keeping your washing machine clean

    Anti-Bacterial Treatment (ABT) on the door seal helps to keep your laundry environment hygienic. The dedicated Drum Clean cycle also makes it effortless to maintain a clean machine for fresh laundry.



    • Product Dimensions: Height850mm, Width595mm, Depth622mm
    • Total capacity: 7.5kg
    • Maximum spin speed: 1200rpm
    • Motor type: BLDC
    • Spin speeds: No Spin, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200.
    • Wash temperatures: 20-30-40-60-80.


    • MyHome SKU: LDY-HAI-75F

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